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Julie Andersen founded the Shark Angels when she noticed that the sharks were disappearing from her favourite dive sites. She gave up a lucrative corporate career and dedicated her life to saving sharks. Way to go Julie!

They are a global network of individuals who work around the world in their local area helping to educate, inspire and empower people to get behind the sharks and speak out on their behalf.

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There are active campaigns you can get involved with:

Remove the Nets

Having lived in Durban, South Africa, for many years it horrifies me to think that we still have shark nets at our beaches.

Not only do they kill sharks indiscriminately, they also kill other marine life, and they don't protect surfers or bathers at all.

Many people are still under the false impression that these nets actually keep sharks away from the beaches, but this is not true. Many of the sharks actually get caught in the nets trying to get back out to sea.

There are still far too many beaches worldwide with killer nets installed. Watch the video below and visit the Remove the Nets website for more info on how you can get involved.

Fin Free

Fin Free is a global campaign in conjunction with United Conservationists. Their aim is to get shark fin banned the world over.

Shark finning is a cruel practice where the sharks are caught and their fins are cut off. The shark is then thrown back into the ocean, often still alive, and the fins are sold to make shark fin soup. It's also an extremely wasteful practice as most of the shark is discarded.

Fin Free aims to end this practice but it's not an easy task. The market for shark fin is growing and a ridiculous amount of money changes hands. In 2003 a single Basking Shark fin sold in Singapore for US$57 000. Crazy, isn't it?

This campaign needs as many of us to back them as possible. Why not go over to their site now and take the pledge to go Fin Free?

Kids can save sharks too

As you can see from the video above, kids love sharks too, and they are the future generation who will have to clean up our mess if we don't do it now.

If you're too young to earn your wings as an angel, there's also the Shark Cherubs. It's amazing how much kids have done for sharks. You're never too young to stand up and do your bit.

Other Shark Angel Campaigns

Why not go and check out the other active campaigns and see how you can earn you wings today?

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