Nightmare on Paradise Island
The Novel

Nightmare on Paradise Island is the latest novel by young adult author KA van Wyk and, newcomer, Annemarie Hegeler. It is a work in progress, and is scheduled for publication in the first quarter of 2015.

As is so often the case in publishing, this date is subject to change. Hopefully we can bring it forward, but it's more likely to get pushed back.

Cover blurb from Nightmare on Paradise Island

Working front cover

When David Teague is forced to spend his summer holiday in a Caribbean Marine Park, he is convinced the boredom will kill him. Little does he know there is something much more sinister lying in wait.

From the moment he arrives on the island David senses something is wrong. Teaming up with his best friend Paul, and Amber, a girl he's only just met, he begins to investigate the disappearance of valuable marine life.

Before long, their investigation brings them head to head with park manager, Justin Ludik, and they find themselves having to make a life or death decision - but will they make the right one?

As everything falls apart around them they find themselves fighting, not only for their own survival, but for that of a pristine island ecosystem.

A word from the authors

This is the first writing project that Annemarie and I have worked on together. My first two books were about knockdown karate, but we decided to write a shark novel soon after we started this website.

Traditionally sharks have been painted as the bad guys in popular culture but, the fact is, nothing is further from the truth. Sharks are in far more danger from us than we are from them.

Sadly there are so many people who have no idea what we are doing to our oceans. What we want to do is engage people, particularly youngsters, in a cracking adventure and, at the same time, highlight the plight of the marine environment.

If only one person reads our book and decides to take a stand for the sharks and our oceans, we will have achieved something.

Our sincere hope is that many people will put this book down with a much greater understanding of these magnificent creatures, and the sensitive ecosystem they inhabit, than they had before they picked it up.

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Nightmare on Paradise Island will be available in both paperback and digital format from early next year.

The profits from this novel will go into protecting the sharks and our oceans.

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