Nature's Feat of Engineering

World of Sharks

Sharks, some people love them, some people fear them, and some people never give them a second thought.

But, wherever you fit on that scale, you have to admit that they are magnificent animals.

Perfectly designed for the environment they inhabit, they are the ultimate feat of nature's engineering. We think they are awesome!

October's Shark of the Month

Fascinating Facts

This magnificent beast is the largest fish on the planet. He also has about 300 rows of teeth.

But  he is a filter feeder and feeds on some of the tiniest of micro-organisms in the ocean - zoo plankton.

Click here to read more about the amazing gentle giant of the sea.

The Whale Shark

Sadly, though, these beautiful creatures are so misunderstood that they are feared by many.

We hope to share our love for these amazing animals and, in doing so, help bring about an understanding that will encourage people from all walks of life to speak up and save our oceans before it's too late.

Save our oceans?

Yes, I say save our oceans rather than save our sharks because without them the balance of our marine environment would be destroyed, and our very existence on the planet would come under threat.

But we're not here to promote the negativity and the controversy that surrounds these animals. We're here to show you how amazing they are and hopefully inspire you to love them too.

'In the end, we will protect only what we love,
we will love only what we understand,
we will understand only what we are taught.'
Senegalese poet and naturalist Baba Dioum

What are sharks?

They are cartilaginous fish, or chondrichthyes, as opposed to bony fish.

The Difference Between Cartilaginous Fish and Bony Fish

Cartilaginous Fish

  • Control their buoyancy by means of a large liver filled with oil (squalene)
  • Their skeleton is made up entirely of cartilage
  • Have rigid pectoral fins and can only swim forwards
  • Have no gill covers
  • Are slow to reach maturity and have a long lifespan
  • Teeth are embedded in the gum and are replaced as they are lost
  • Have denticles on the skin giving it a rough texture
  • Mouth and nostrils are located underneath the head

Bony Fish

  • Bony fish have a gas-filed swim bladder to control their buoyancy
  • They have a skeleton made from bones
  • Have flexible pectoral fins and can swim forwards and backwards
  • Gill slits are covered
  • Mature fast and have a much shorter lifespan
  • Teeth are embedded in the jawbone and are not replaced
  • Have overlapping scales giving the skin a smooth feel
  • Mouth and nostrils are located on the side of the head

Our first encounter

Although we both grew up in South Africa, our first encounter with one of these magnificent creatures was off the coast of Devon during our open water scuba diving course.

It was a beautiful little small-spotted catshark. I fell in love immediately but Annemarie was too busy trying not to inhale all of her air in one go. To this day she is the biggest air pig I know so these days we spend more time freediving than scuba diving.

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